Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Hate Nuggets -- by Arazi13

Even though my mood usually is determined on whether or not The Habs have won their last game, there are some other factors that sometimes can play a role.

  • Like this guy

Pepe Le Pu (aka smell terrorist.)

Pepe is the guy on the Metro or Train, that in Lieu of bathing, showering or even taking a whores bath (Armpits, Asshole and Balls)  Sprays an insane amount of cheap cologne all over himself causing an olfactory nightmare ( See Fig 1a) id rather smell CURRY SWEAT! When you breath in next to this Pepe you feel your nose hairs singing from the toxicity of cologne/Perfume and it takes the totality of your being to hold yourself from smashing your own nose over and over until you couldn't smell the urinal in a Portuguese cat house on dollar beer night!

Fig 1a.) Olfactory system + Nightmare

Less annoying but just as intrusive is THE TALKER. This person has little to no cell phone etiquette and talks on his or her cell as if they are completely alone.

I need to start drugging myself before the commute, because for some reason it is still not socially acceptable to brain someone with a ball-peen hammer for talking on his cell too loud. (one day hopefully if we get the right people on the supreme court we will be able to change that.)

Addendum to this hate nugget...

Long ass cell phone messages.... if it is not an emergency DO NOT LEAVE ME A MESSAGE. i have caller ID for a reason. text me if need be. When i see that message notice blinking on my cell phone i just want to smash it with a sledgehammer, repeatedly. I will delete you.

ahhhh getting all that out makes me feel sooo much better!


  1. Agreed 100% !! Not enough hate for public transit users!! Always always 'smelly guy' comes to sit next to you even though there are plenty of other empty seats available!!!

    Don't even get me started with cell phone etiquette in public! I often feel like telling them 'No i don't like that. You should cook's much easier and faster.' that way they'll get the picture that I DON'T care what they're talking about on the phone!!!!!

  2. we call it the "APT's" in the industry. it stands for Ass, pits & tits. you think you could be a little less crass!
    yours truly,

  3. You know how I know you're gay?