Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks K103!

A week or so ago, I posted an article about my thoughts concerning the state of Montreal radio, and how I felt that the K103 morning show of Ted, Java and Paul was a breath of fresh air in a sea of mediocrity.

Well, this morning, the K103 guys not only plugged the article and this site on their Facebook page, but also gave it a well appreciated shout out on the air. This is pretty much just a simple site where guys vent about crap they experience in their day to day lives, and the on air plug drove a whole lot of traffic our way, which is pretty awesome. So a great big "Thank You" to our friends over at K103. If you haven't given them a listen yet, please do so, I can pretty much guarantee it'll be a fun time.

Now, as a bit of a thank you, I have created a mock up using the photoshop skills I don't have, and a grand total of maybe 4 minutes of my time. I know, I'm a giver. Here is my proposal for some custom T-Shirts for those K103 morning guys, Ted Bird, Java Jacobs and Paul Graif. I wanted to make something hip and cool, because I hear that the kids enjoy "hip" and/or "cool.

What's cool? Naturally I thought of Tony Danza. Man, that dude is cool. Then I was informed that it was no longer the eighties. Not sure when that happened. Then it hit me though. What do the kids love? What makes them go "squeeeeee"? You know it.


So without further ado, here are my K103 t-shirt proposals. With proper funding... I dunno, maybe in the tune of 3.4 billion dollars, we could get a production run of 200-300 of these bad boys printed up:

Ted Bird

Java Jacobs

Paul Graif

Sorry Paul...

But clearly, this is a can't miss business opportunity! There are dozens and dozens of dollars to be made. Come on K103, call me, let's move on this while the movin' is good!


  1. Brilliant!! I'm a huge fan of K103.7fm!!! Shirt for Paul: "Ti Paul...from the cradle to the Graif"!!

  2. Maybe a Monty Python-esque shirt... Quest for the Holy Graif...

    Ya, Sàll I got. Sorry

  3. Ok I want the Team Jacobs one...and I will bedazzle it <3