Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why the Bees Died

It's honestly AMAZING how often people act in short-sighted ways against their own longterm self interests (such as almost anyone who votes Republican in the US).

We can keep using our cell phones. The EPA fucked up and ignored their own scientists' warnings. Damn you science, don't you understand the bottom line?

Bayer makes Clothianidin which kills the bees. The stuff spreads through the environment VERY easily and even low doses kill bees. Bees, who are needed to pollinate crops.

And yes, this is due to the Bush administration (a waiver from 2003 which allowed them to ignore the science - and they shut down the research to find the culprit of the bee deaths).

At any rate, stuff like this makes me feel better about the Wikileaks phenomena (even though this one isn't from Wikileaks) - we need transparency about the shit companies and governments try to hide - it's in the best interest of humanity. There's a vested interest in shutting these people down, as usual, by people who have funding and control the media. I'm sorry that Julian Assange's sexual activities may or may not have tainted that part of the debate, and I'm happy that Michael Moore has posted bail for him.