Thursday, November 11, 2010

The New Guy

Hello world!

I've been asked to rejoin the ranks of the bloggers and add my incoherent and disjointed thoughts to this illustrious blog (albeit with proper spelling, grammar, and syntax - have at me grammar Nazis!).

I've been a blogger before - mostly politics - until I just got burnt out by impotent bitching about the various Bush-era idiocies south of the border and went from 'political junkie' to barely able to name the current president.

Neither one of these guys

I'm also a dad, which consumes a lot of my spare time (that is, the time not spent growing my VoIP system integration business), so I'll probably share some of my thoughts and experiences about that. It's quite amazing the transition that occurs when one becomes a parent - at a certain point, we cease to have our own identities and become "[child's name]'s dad". I've largely given up introducing myself by name to other parents. It's often a relief when they do too, because my brain cells are otherwise too occupied to remember their kids' names, the names of all the Transformers/super-heros/etc...

Not my kid

Anyways, that's my intro post - hopefully some amusing rants will follow!

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