Saturday, November 13, 2010

First they came for the sports writers, and I was silent...

As someone who emphatically considers professional sports to be the third greatest waste of human energy (war and pop music being the first two respectively), I'm not overwhelmingly saddened by the first nail in the coffin of professional sports journalism.

"Oh, the humanity!"

With Suzette (the chatbot which just passed the Turing test for artificial intelligence), who knows? We could be well on the way to getting a lot of our entertainment and news content via AI.

In some cases (e.g., a review of the latest Justin Bieber concert), this might be a small mercy on behalf of writers and readers everywhere. In other cases, well, no AI could be as irrational and idiotic as the Tea Partiers and Fox News.

Brought to you by your robotic overlords. Simpsons at 9. Boobies at 11.

Jon Stewart, you will be missed once "liberal-humourist-pundit-version_2.0" comes out. Stephen Colbert, you're safe until they've managed to convert your satirical dog whistles to algorithms that amuse the left and confuse the right.

In all honesty, I suspect we're going to be closer to Neuromancer than Skynet. Any AI worth it's salt will spend its time seeking intelligent life elsewhere.

This post was written by someone claiming to be a human, as far as you know.

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