Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Im sorry babe... there is someone else.... and she lets me do whatever i want....

So my wife has started calling my new remote my mistress. She calls it a slut too and frequently asks if i want to be alone with her. (my answer is usually which she replies "you are an idiot") Who would not want to be alone with this beauty!?! no more 5 remotes that take a up a seat on the couch! ONE REMOTE TO RULE THEM ALL!!!! (it actually said that on the screen the first time i booted it up... how freaking awesome is that?) I heard they are working on a BJ function for the next model....(one can only dream.....)


  1. i'm so proud to be your cousin... you think your slut will mind if we share? ; )

  2. i know i would be proud too im kind of a big deal...