Thursday, July 8, 2010

I can actually see how much you smell.

Ah Montreal in the summer time... its so beautiful.... The Jazz Fest! F1! The Comedy FESTIVAL! The city is so green (trees and grass) you can hardly remember the harsh winter from just a few months ago..... Its breathtaking!

Well its also breathtaking for another reason if you take the Metro. This week it has been 32-33 Celsius (44 ish with the humidity) Already hot and disgusting on the street level, when you go down to the metro level (subway) its even hotter and more disgusting. In one of my trips this week i must have sampled 15 different varieties of body odor. It was BREATHTAKING. The smells in the metro are invading my other senses. I Can see and taste some of these smells... Please god let it end there. Thus endith my first RANT. METRO FAIL.

There will be many other rants regarding the metro. (although im soon to be moving to the west island where i will be taking the air conditioned train in every morning, but im sure ill find something wrong with that in no time.)



  1. It's so true.....

  2. Montreal isn't beautiful in summer time. It's our scantily clad women who are. Montreal is dirty, hot, and smelly, and filled with a sense of smug superiority that we aren't Torontonians.

    Enjoy your blog. Use spell-check. Or basic human decency - you're committing crimes against English.

    * its != it's
    * odor != odour (dude, you're Canadian, eh?)
    * endith != endeth
    * ill != I'll
    * im != I'm

    Also, I think you used the word breathtaking so much, I'm concerned you may be asthmatic.

  3. I was in the Metro this morning. Thank Tom Cruise's God I washed myself with Dove for men so that pretty girl sit next besides me wouldn't say "This guy's ugly, but he smells so great!"

  4. The train is as awful as the metro, smell-wise. Also, it will not pass at temperatures below or above 20 celcius. GOOD LUCK